Box Tops for Education: Sandra Harder and Bree Ota

Breakfast with Santa: Adriana Teves and Yahajira Bolanos-Jarquin

ER Eats Out: Edward Castro, Anna Scaife ,

eScrip/Something Extra: Stephanie Brannen

Harvest Dance: Elena Honeycutt and Holly Schlaegel

Rocket Run: Stephanie Ramsey and Denise Hermann

Spring Fling: Shayla Newman and Coordinators

Staff Appreciation: Elena Honeycutt

Yearbook: Sonia Diwa

zBest Book Sales: Elena Honeycutt and Anna Scaife

Rocket Read : Melanie Parmar and Winnie Tsang

Movie Days : Elisa Louizos and Salina Cole

Art Docent:  Elisa Louizos and Tiffany Ryan

Night Golf:  Edward Castro

Garden Project :  Goldy Shergill

Webmaster:  Jamson Wu and Jimmy Chavez

Staff Liason:  Laura Olson

Principal:  Dr. Tierra Cruthers



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