Working together with teachers and the school administration, our PTO parent volunteers strive to:

  • Demonstrate to our students that a community of parents, family members, teachers and staff work together to support their education and development;
  • Provide positive examples to our students by providing good role models who volunteer in their community; and
  • Sponsor and coordinate family activities to help make Elliott Ranch Elementary School a welcoming and nurturing environment for every student.

Examples of how ER PTO directly impacts your student and enhances their experience at Elliott Ranch Elementary:

2021-2022: The PTO continues to help fund the librarian’s salary.

2019-2020: Purchased and installed mounted projectors to 1st-3rd grade classrooms.

2014-2015:  Provided funding for a new playground structure. Helped to open up the walkway between the main parking lot and Don Nottoli Park.

2013-2014:  One iPad per classroom

2012-2013:  Playground shade structure

2011-2012:  $2000 toward community garden, 15 shade tress at track and field

2010-2011:  All classrooms received LCD’s and ELMO’s

In addition, throughout the year, the PTO provides:

Computer lab supplies, school supplies, student agenda books and equipment;

Support for the school yearbook, college flag project, 6th grade graduation, and staff appreciation items;

Sponsors events such as the Fall Harvest Festival, Breakfast with Santa and the year-end Spring Fling.

The PTO’s success is based upon the incredible community of parents, teachers and staff that take a vested interest in the education of our students. Volunteering in the classroom and at PTO events is the reason Elliott Ranch continues to be a great school with high academic achievement.

2021-2022 Board Members

President: Luis Herrera president@elliottranchpto.com Vice-President: Shauna Bonham vicepresident@elliottranchpto.com Treasurer: Lindsey Washburn treasurer@elliottranchpto.com Secretary: Adrianne Simon-Carlson secretary@elliottranchpto.com Auditor: Keishea Pitts auditor@elliottranchpto.com Membership: Melanie Shimazu, Doreen Imura, Julie Sakai, Nicole Yee membership@elliottranchpto.com Public Relations: Andrea Smith pr@elliottranchpto.com Teacher/Staff Rep:  Katelyn King kblake@egusd.net

2018-2019 Board Members

President: Shayla Newman president@elliottranchpto.com Vice-President: Melanie Parmar vicepresident@elliottranchpto.com Treasurer: Stephanie Brannen treasurer@elliottranchpto.com Secretary: Adrianne Simon-Carlson secretary@elliottranchpto.com Auditor: Stephanie Tran auditor@elliottranchpto.com Membership:  Stephanie Brannen membership@elliottranchpto.com Public Relations: Shauna Bonham pr@elliottranchpto.com Teacher/Staff Rep:  Katelynn Blake, Naomi Hughes kblake@egusd.net, nhughes@egusd.net

2018-2019 Chairpersons

Box Tops for Education: Sandra Harder and Bree Ota boxtops@elliottranchpto.com Breakfast with Santa: Adriana Teves and Yahajira Bolanos-Jarquin breakfastwithsanta@elliottranchpto.com ER Eats Out: Edward Castro, Anna Scaife ereatsout@elliottranchpto.com , ecastro@sco.ca.gov Ice Cream Social:  Edward Castro, Anna Scaife icecreamsocial@elliottranchpto.com Harvest Dance: Elena Honeycutt and Holly Schlaegel harvestdance@elliottranchpto.com Apex : Denise Hermann apex@elliottranchpto.com Spring Fling: Shayla Newman and Coordinators springfling@elliottranchpto.com Staff Appreciation: …

2017-2018 Board & Chairs

BOARD MEMBERS Position Name E-Mail President Azita Raszulad president@elliottranchpto.com Vice President Open vicepresident@elliottranchpto.com Treasurer Stephanie Brannen treasurer@elliottranchpto.com Secretary Open secretary@elliottranchpto.com Auditor Open auditor@elliottranchpto.com Membership Lily Lee membership@elliottranchpto.com Membership Jeannie Ho membership@elliottranchpto.com Public Relations Sandra Harder pr@elliottranchpto.com Fundraising By Committee fundraising@elliottranchpto.com Webmaster Jamson Wu, Jimmy Chavez webmaster@elliottranchpto.com Teacher / Staff Rep Laura Olson lolson@egusd.net   FUNDRAISING …