ER Staff Appreciation Week May 7th to May 11th

Elliott Ranch Teachers and Staff are The Best in the West!

Staff Appreciation Week: May 7th- May 11th

We need your help to make it a great week for our ER team:

1. Donate gift card in any amount (Starbucks, Jamba, Target, movie theatre, restaurants).

2. Write a note from you/your family about a teacher or staff member who has made a positive impression on you or helped you in some way. Please e-mail your message to Principal Crothers or drop off a card/note to the PTO mailbox by Monday 5/7.

3. Tuesday 5/8 Breakfast Bar-Donate breakfast items (see list below). Please drop off items at the front office not later than 3:00pm on Monday 5/7. Refrigerator space will be available.

TK & K Beverages, individual sizes preferred (orange juice, iced tea, coffee drinks,      bottled water, etc.)

1st & 2nd grade Fresh fruit for waffle bar (berries, bananas, apples, etc.)

3rd grade Bagels/Muffins (any variety, homemade or store bought)

4th grade Pastries/Croissants/Cinnamon rolls (homemade or store bought)

5th & 6th grade Granola bars or Yogurt cups

Click here for more information…. Teacher Appreciation 2018