Staff Appreciation Week is May 1st – May 5th, 2017

Staff Appreciation week is coming up. This is a chance for all of us to thank our teachers and staff for all that they do for our students!

PTO has some exciting things planned including a catered lunch, breakfast bar, BBQ lunch, and more!

There are several ways that you can help to make it a great week for our ER staff.

1. Donate gift cards for a teacher/staff raffle by Wednesday, 5/3.

 You can send in gift cards in any denomination (teachers love Starbucks, Target, movie tickets/gift cards, DSW, restaurant gift cards, etc.).

 You can attach a note from your family with the gift card.  Please turn in all gift cards to the office by Wednesday, 5/3 (put gift cards in an envelope marked “PTO: Staff Appreciation”).

2. Write a note from you/your family about a teacher or staff member who has made a positive impression on you or helped you in some way by Monday, 5/1.

 Don’t forget the staff too (not just teachers).

 We would like to have a minimum of two from each grade.

 Mr. MacNeill will read a selection of them during morning announcements. Please email your message to Mr. MacNeill or drop off a card/note to the PTO mailbox by Monday, 5/1.

3. Donate breakfast items (see suggested donation list below) by Monday, 5/1.

 Please drop off items at the front office no later than 3:00 pm on Monday, May 1.   Refrigerator space will be available.

Kinder Beverages, individual sizes preferred (orange juice, iced tea, coffee drinks, bottled water, etc.)

1 st & 2nd Grades Cut Up Fruit (fresh fruit is preferable, berries, oranges, melon, apples, etc.)

3 rd Grade Bagels or Muffins (any variety, homemade or store bought)

4 th Grade Pastries (croissants, cinnamon rolls) homemade or store bought

5 th & 6th Grades Granola Bars or Yogurt Cups

Staff Appreciation 2017